Sunday, 2 October 2011

Statement: Save Doctor Who Confidential

Welcome to the official blog feed for the Save Doctor Who Confidential Campaign.

On Wednesday 28th September, It was sadly announced by the BBC that Doctor Who Confidential would no longer be made in favour of providing a better relationship between BBC One and BBC Three and introduce new programming.

Once this news was announced, "Doctor Who Confidential" began trending on Twitter, reflecting on the disbelief and shock of many that this decision had caused.

We immediately got to action and began a Twitter account which would convey all of these opinions:!/SaveDWC

The purpose of the SaveDWC campaign is to express the viewers' feelings and opinions about the BBC's decision.

One of the known problems the BBC can't help, is that money is tight and cuts must be made. We completely understand this. What we fail to understand is how much it does take to make a show like Doctor Who Confidential. Essentially, the show is a film crew, filming a film crew and therefore we, along with many of the supporters, struggle to see how that would be a massive cost.

Many fans have come and made a very important point to us also that Doctor Who Confidential is included in the DVD that is sold along with the Doctor Who show itself, so the show is also aiding to bring in some money to the BBC as far as we are aware.

Many people may think, "Why save a show called Doctor Who Confidential?" Well it's much more than a TV show about a TV Show. Take, for example, the "Script to Screen" competition; Doctor Who Confidential went around schools who entered the "Script To Screen" competition which invited them to write an episode of Doctor Who. We urge you to take a look at this clip from the show. We personally wish we had opportunities like these when we were kids at school:

This is why this show needs to stay on our screens.

Many fans of the show have also been inspired to decide to join media courses at university, due to the great insight of the show has, as it is very informative and very detailed in the making of television. It has also helped influence students who were interested in media to decide more easily which field they would like to work in.

So, as well as being a TV show of a TV show, it has lots of educational value, and shows like this are thin on the ground nowadays, and it is a great shame that this hasn't been considered.

We are keen to talk to the BBC and we just want to help them understand their viewers’ points of view.  We are not here to be impolite or difficult in anyway, we are here for the sole purpose of expressing their views about the show.  We really hope that perhaps ourselves and the BBC can work together and reach a compromise.

For more information on our campaign to Save this great show please visit:
Our Twitter:!/SaveDWC
Another Fan's Facebook Page:
If you agree that we should save this show then please visit: and sign the petition.
You can also see how many supporters have already signed it.

To join in the dicussion please use the #SaveDWCBBC hashtag on Twitter.

Thank You to everyone who has supported us so far. Please help us save this great show!!

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  1. Thanks for all your hard work on this campaign.

    I've written a post on my personal blog about what Doctor Who Confidential and things like it have meant to me both as a fan and as a professional, and why I think it's a terribly important part of not just the Doctor Who franchise, but of family television in general. I really hope we can convince the powers that be to change their mind about Confidential.