Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Complaint Response

The following statement has been provided by Zai Bennett, Controller of BBC Three. 

“Doctor Who Confidential has been an important show in helping bring Doctor Who back to the nation.

“Programme commissioning is an often complicated, drawn out process involving discussions at various levels between channel controllers, commissioners and the programme-makers themselves. Details of such discussions are commercially sensitive so I cannot go into detail about the full decision-making process but can say BBC Three is prioritising unique original programming in prime time over extension shows in pre-watershed.”

Please regard this as a response at stage two of the BBC's complaints process.


  1. More support for my theory that Ms Bennett sees BBC3 as categorically NOT a family channel. Younger viewers (and I suspect anyone over about 50) are not wanted. 7-9pm will be filled with repeats. They really might as well not even switch the channel on until 9pm and show some honesty by renaming it to reflect the desired audience. The current BBC tag is confusing people into thinking it's for everyone.


  2. What a load of piffle. Confidential is the only thing I watch on BBC3. The majority of the programming is repeats. Confidential is an excellent original and informative programme, what on earth will you replace it with? More Two Pints of Lager and other nonsense I imagine.